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Babysitting Laura, 4 chapters (November 2011) drawn to the solitary mom next home, a new girl quickly

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Babysitting Laura, 4 chapters (November 2011) drawn to the solitary mom next home, a new girl quickly

By Jessica Brockham –

Discovers by by herself having comparable emotions on her behalf neighbor’s eleven-year-old daughter.

By Joanne –

Back into Front (November 2010) Indulging in memories of personal intimacies along with her child as a young child… now dreaming of checking out those pleasures that are same her granddaughter.

By Karyn O –

Recalling Mom (August 2010) searching back once again to enough time whenever she had been a girl… exactly how things started then progressed.

By Kathy-Anne Niemann –

Jane and Nicole (2008) The story of a married woman seduced by a teenage babysitter january.

Melinda, My Love (January 2008) Seventh-grade instructor Carrie includes a hopeless crush on a 12-year-old woman in her own course, and contains finally made a decision to do some worthwhile thing about it.

By LesLuv –

My Concubine and I also, 2 parts (January 2011) all of it begins when teen lesbian Lisa spies an attractive girl that is little a cafe whom loves to flash her panties.

By Minimal Alison –

Lynn, 10 chapters (January 2014) participating in cam intercourse by having a budding lesbian of 12, Lynn is stunned when she discovers the child’s real identification.

By Lori’s Mommy –

Loving My Lori, 2 parts (October 2007) checking out her choices after breakup, newly-single mom Mandy discovers an urgent attraction to young girls… a desire that quickly grows to enfold her eight-year-old child Lori.

By Louisa May –

Crush, 4 chapters (January 2005) homemade lesbian sex Nora is surprised and intensely stimulated to find out that a new woman of twelve is nursing a passion that is secret her.

Lily Robin, 6 chapters (might 2011) a teen doesn’t have want to babysit the neighbor’s girl that is little until she discovers the lovely desires this son or daughter can arouse.

By Jen L. Lee –

Kara’s Loving Family (September 2011) a new mom starts a tradition of intimate love among the list of females of her household.

By Jeneee –

Kimmy and Samantha, 8 chapters (April 2007) – (see Chapter hyper hyper Links for information) The activities of two young siblings with an appetite for lesbian intercourse, and also the interesting means they believe it is.

Meet Brit, 7 chapters (December 2011) a girl that is young the sexual awakening she and her older sibling receive as a result of their loving mom.

A lot more than Just Friends, 24 chapters (April 2007) A lesbian mom discovers totally new techniques to experience love whenever her adventurous little woman starts to explore intercourse with a schoolmate that is shy.

A deal, 2 parts (January 2010) A skating accident could be the start of one thing magical between two females and a girl that is little.

Picture This, 10 chapters (might 2010) – (see Chapter hyper hyper hyper Links for explanations) a lady observes a young mom and her young girl searching for underwear, that leads with a unforeseen excitement.

Stagestruck, 4 chapters (January 2005) an expert actress discovers by herself smitten by an eleven-year-old woman, and it is not able to resist the urge.

By MargaretSexyMum –

Cinderella (October 2013) The familiar story book told having a twist that is intriguing.

By Marie LeClaire –

The Dress Shop (August 2008) a lesbian that is lonely an unanticipated treat whenever a mom and child see her gown shop around shutting time, in search of one thing “sexy” when it comes to woman.

By Michelle –

My summer time with Erin, 5 chapters (July 2007) The story of a new solitary woman discovering her real nature, and her unique relationship with just a little girl called Erin.

By Misty Meadow –

Two young girls and Their Gym Teacher, 2 parts (November 2016) mother discovers that her child has many interesting college friends, along side a tremendously interesting gymnastics advisor.

Pieces of art (2017) A mother and her daughter scheme to promote the sexuality of underage girls — and gratify adults who love them — on the walls of art galleries january.

By mom. Anne –

The Unmapped Path, 4 chapters (December 2012) After inadvertently witnessing two girls having intercourse, just one mom begins to think about her daughters in a complete brand new method.

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