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Marketing and advertising is an essential part of a prosperous enterprise. If you do not have a decently staged marketing program, then you should not expect your earnings growth. Obviously, there could be some positive shifts, but not to this extent to create your company successful.

In this article we discuss our top 12 engaging advertisements movies that resolve many issues simultaneously:

  1. They Permit You to have a great time;

  2. They Enable You to highlight helpful ideas whose execution will increase your sales;

  3. They permit you to find inspiration and fresh business ideas.

Therefore, what would be the 12 greatest advertising movies ever created?

The principal character in the movie is Nick Naylor, a lobbyist. He boosts smoking and attempts to convince Americans that tobacco is not harmful. It is not the most enjoyable task in the world, however, Nick has succeeded in his enterprise.

It all changes when the protagonist begins to doubt himself. In a meeting, Nick says he’s only campaigning since he gets paid well and needs to increase his son.Read more At website Articles The film shows the life of big corporations and informs how marketing actually works there.


The Jones family is moving into a few of those small cities in the USA. Its members are constantly dressed in style, look good, and use only the hottest technology.

The Joneses are the favorites of the neighbors and then of the whole town. However, in fact, they are not a true family, they are only actors playing their characters. They have been hired by a marketing firm, which consequently promotes the”ideal life” with new products. This movie will likely cause you to question your worth along with consumerism tendencies.

“Among the massive number of films, the favorite will be”The Joneses.” It reminds viewers that advertising is not only a sales engine but also a significant responsibility. The seemingly ordinary comedy indicates a great deal of truth – internal company relations and intrigues, a group that can pull up and leaves a pioneer even the weakest individual, as well as the thin line between profession and personal values”, shares Kathleen Knight, Head of Data Research and Content Marketing in Linksmanagement professional link building company.

This documentary elaborates about the intricacies of advertising in movies. It is no secret that lots of Hollywood films are sponsored by well-known brands – makers of beverages, private devices, cars, etc.. The viewer sees that his favorite hero utilizes Apple, also wants to get products from this business. If you want to understand how the studios and businesses collaborate and why there are almost no movies without product placement, see this film.

99 FRANCS, 2007

The movie tells the story of a cynical and mercantile contributor Oktava. He has built a thriving career, he has many ladies, cash, and drugs. And the people in Octave’s eyes are simply possible buyers, walking wallets. But soon he starts to become tormented by doubts: did he pick the ideal path? The film will help you to understand how companies sway people’s heads to sell their merchandise. This film, despite being quite absurdist, is providing an extremely truthful view on the realities of their advertising business.

The most important character of the movie is an ambitious man, Scat. He dreams of running for a huge company but has not made much advancement within the field. Things change when a day that he comes up with the thought of promoting a new energy drink. A significant advertising agency has agreed to work with Scat, but the man is facing unforeseen challenges. With time he knows that the large business world doesn’t work the way he believed it did. But now it is not feasible to retreat.

The comedy is all about Emory, a gifted advertiser who’s on the brink of a nervous breakdown: he’s published some controversial advertisements in the media without photo retouching and without his superiors’ approval.

Colleagues have determined that Emory has finally lost his head and that he wants to be examined. He ends up in a mental institution.

However, over time, his, as considered before, bizarre advertisements bring success to the company.

The management is attempting to get their best employee back, however, he really likes his time at the madhouse, exploiting the situation to his favor. You will surely love watching this humor with unpredictable plot twists.


This is another comedy about advertising. The major character of the movie is Nick – a gifted employee, who’s going to be promoted. However, the company has a new worker Darcy, who’s ready to destroy the plans of the protagonist.

At this time Nike suggests a contract with an advertising agency to promote a new line of women’s clothing. Since Darcy is a woman, management decides she is better suited to this job.

Nick, frustrated and chubby, gets to the partnership of attempting to know women , unintentionally, gets electrocuted. Following an collision, our protagonist wakes up having an wonderful skill – that he could hear the thoughts of all women. He moves Darcy’s thoughts off as his own and uses his recently acquired gift to acquire the job. This sparkling comedy proves how important it is to understand that the audience you are working with.

This film is the graduation work of two Czech students. They established a literary hypermarket, launched an advertising campaign, also assembled a store facade. As a result, 3,000 people arrived at the launching of the props store” Český sen” – is a reminder of how bizarre realities of this world we live in and also the impact that marketing has on us. Just so you know, after this movie you may take a look at the marketing schemata differently.


This is just another documentary about advertisements. It informs about its dark side – the adverse impact on human comprehension. The principal message of the film is as follows: at the age of globalization, advertising is taking more and more public area and depriving the buyer of the opportunity to earn their own choices. The movie explains why product quality is not as important than the image of their brand in the customer’s head.

This film tells about the planet’s most famed advertisers. Yes, a lot are widely known only in narrow circles within the industry, but their function has impacted all us. The movie informs us how the world’s most renowned advertisers came up with world-famous logos”Just Do It”,”I Love NY”,”Think Different”. This picture is a excellent source of inspiration for any marketer or advertiser.


We have almost reached the end of our record, and want to mention an additional movie about an advertising agency. Everything turned upside down in a big advertising agency every time a significant customer – a car trouble”Opel” emerged on the horizon. Everybody wishes to obtain an order, but nobody has some new ideas for their product marketing. At this moment an artist Victor Vogel accidentally wanders into your workplace. He puts into a meeting with the client and triggers a furor with complete unconventionality of his behavior. So, the film is all about a young and somewhat clumsy guy who was commissioned to develop a marketing campaign for a new model of”Opel”. From the film, it’s possible for you to learn about advertising budgets of large issues, as well as look into the gap between art and advertising.