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i have actually the issue that is same a man im since two years together.

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i have actually the issue that is same a man im since two years together.

Or better said I happened to be together because i have ended this relationship today. Isnt my first language before i go further i want to say sorry if my english isnt that perfect im not from america or england and it. Initial months as we had been together it absolutely was actually good. I woke up and then he had written actually sweet communications for me (that we didnt anticipated at all ever) however it made me personally happy of course…to get daily messages. Not simply into the morning. He had written to me all day every quickly when I arrived online later in the day he immediately had written he had been like looking forward to me. And someday every one of sudden all of it stopped. Absolutely absolutely nothing took place (no fight or arguing nothing) the very first time i wasnt really worried about just a lil bit wondered and perhaps even a bit sad because we havent heard from him he didnt react to my communications after all. I was concerned which he might had any sort of accident or one thing bad occurred. That i didnt got any message. On the 2nd time I happened to be worried.

A day and then i was really worried i could almost not concentrate on my work cause i have had scenarios in my mind what might could have happened to him i work 14 hours.

. Wrote him whenever I really could take some break to learn that all things are alright with reaction after all. But we saw him being online each of sudden…so we thought ok then at least nothing really bad can have happened to (he is at least alive) i finally reached him in the evening (he answered the phone) it was like nothing has ever happened. I said “i was worried because you didnt respond” he said “i dont look all the time on my phone” “i have other things to do than typing messages” and “the phone keyboard is annoying” “the app takes too long to load” (we used an app to communicate for free) “he hates to write messages on phone and doesnt want to do that anymore” and i was kinda shocked and confused. Read More