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We have despair and anxiety.

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We have despair and anxiety.

14 yr old, Female, MA


I have actually depression and anxiety. We simply take medication both for, but nothing assists. Every all I can think about is death day. Absolutely Nothing good ever takes place in my experience and in case something good does happen, it instantly gets knocked down once more by one thing bad. I’m not pretty or skinny just like the girls within my college. They’re all pleased, rich, have actually boyfriends and good bodies that are looking. I’m tired of taking a look at my body that is disgusting and repulsive self. No body also cares I feel about me or how. I simply want my entire life To be over.


There was therefore much going on inside your life now, and i truly desire to many thanks for emailing us. It seems like you’re feeling really only and as if you haven’t any someone to speak with, that we understand may be all challenging. Feeling like no body can there be you are always there for others is really disappointing and discouraging for you when. It seems yourself to people quite a lot, and I know how painful that can be like you are comparing. I understand its difficult to see individuals and think, why can not my entire life become more like theirs or why can not I become more like them, but often, individuals who appear to be they usually have it together are actually having trouble. Read More