FAQ – Marijuana – Health Benefits

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FAQ – Marijuana – Health Benefits

Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug by young adults in United States. The use of marijuana is often associated with various forms of addiction, including addiction to cocaine and heroin. It has been known that marijuana, when used in conjunction with other substances, can create more serious problems. However, the effects of marijuana use on a person”s health is not as severe as addiction, with very limited health risks. This article will focus on the different health benefits of marijuana and the pros and cons of medical marijuana.

One major advantage of medical marijuana is that it has helped reduce many of the harmful effects of regular smoking of tobacco. Marijuana has also been found to be useful in treating certain types of cancer. Studies have shown that marijuana can prevent the growth of certain types of brain tumors and is effective in killing tumor cells in some studies.

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Marijuana contains no dangerous chemicals that cause addiction and is considered relatively safe. Medical marijuana has not been found to increase the likelihood of having psychotic episodes or depression. Marijuana is not habit forming and people who are addicted to it may find it difficult to give it up, but they do not become dependent on it.sativa vs indica

Some studies have indicated that marijuana use may help to prevent certain types of cancers, such as lung and colon cancer. Marijuana does not seem to increase the risk of having heart attacks, though a study from the University of Chicago suggests that it may increase the risk of having an elevated blood pressure. Marijuana users have reported that smoking marijuana after drinking alcohol can have a positive effect on blood pressure levels. However, it is unknown if this is true.

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The potential advantages of medical marijuana should not discourage teens and young adults from using marijuana because of its positive health benefits. The fact that marijuana is relatively benign and does not present any negative health risks may encourage many people to start using marijuana even though they might be hesitant about doing so at first. While most research suggests that marijuana use does not increase the likelihood of having a psychotic episode or depression, some studies have linked marijuana use with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

Because marijuana uses are becoming more widespread and accepted by society, marijuana use should not be seen as a vice rather than a valid form of healing or recreation. There is no real medical necessity for marijuana use.