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Dating Games: Just Just Exactly How Dani Fankhauser is Reinventing Online Dating Sites

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Dating Games: Just Just Exactly How Dani Fankhauser is Reinventing Online Dating Sites

The Crunchbase “Female Founder Series,” is a number of stories, Q&As, and thought-leadership pieces from glass-ceiling-smashers whom overcame the chances, raised financing, and they are now leading effective organizations.

Dani Fankhauser, co-founder of XO, is making use of enjoyable and games generate a significantly better relationship software experience.

An adopter that is early of dating, Dani is not any complete complete stranger to your battles and tiredness that originated in old-fashioned apps. In an occasion where connection is much more valuable—and difficult—than ever, she put down along with her co-founders to produce a fresh and new take for online dating sites. The end result is XO—the dating that is first with icebreaker games. The back-and-forth that is unique of causes https://hotrussianwomen.net/asian-brides/ it to be easier for users to begin conversations and build better connections.

We asked Dani about her change from journalist to business owner, the brand new challenges she has faced from branding to fundraising, in addition to classes she’s got discovered as you go along.

Q: inform us the whole tale behind your company’s founding: What led one to begin ecommerce?

A: straight Back this season, I happened to be the very first of my buddies to try internet dating, and proudly, she met her husband after I convinced a friend to join OkCupid. I became additionally one of many very first reporters to reveal Tinder. My co-founders had built a couple of viral games that are mobile whenever I came across them in very early 2019, I happened to be myself fatigued by online dating, and so I knew it had been time for one thing fresh and brand new. We designed XO to incorporate games into dating making it an event that’s maybe maybe maybe not demoralizing and draining, but fun.

Q: What issue does your business re re re solve, or try to? What exactly are probably the most significant effects your business has already established up to now?

A: Our mission is always to assist individuals build and strengthen genuine connections. The word “connection” gets a rep that is bad times because social internet internet web sites do literally link us, but make you feel disconnected. Games have back-and-forth that is unique and aren’t too severe, which is why they’re used for team-building, for instance. Games powerfully change the tone of a connection.

I happened to be amazed to listen to early individual feedback that 100% of people’s interactions on XO was in fact good and therefore users had been saying every thing they came across really was thoughtful and respectful. Needless to say this is our intention in providing an interaction that is different other dating apps. In addition think we’re attracting the kind of individuals who don’t make use of other apps due to the concentrate on look, therefore users are fulfilling differing people on XO than they might on Tinder.

Q: with what methods do you consider differently regarding the industry than the others do? In exactly what methods will you be disrupting your industry?

A: As soon as we first began pitching, we’d hear, “Wow, exactly exactly how has no body thought of the yet?” Dating and games—it’s some of those great a few ideas you’d think someone might have done currently. My experience arises from building online communities around content that resonates, and my co-founders have actually built a number of games nevertheless they aren’t your standard competitive, graphics-driven games. Therefore we came to it with an original take about what a casino game is and just what dating should really be, and that is why XO has therefore quickly hooked an eager fanbase.

Q: What had been one hurdle that is unexpected challenge you encountered when starting out?

A: Choosing title for the software is one thing that sounds enjoyable it is actually really hard. Being a customer software, the capacity to communicate just what it really is you do in hardly any area matters—it’s how exactly we break through the noise to investors and reporters before we even have to introduce. We desired something which screamed “dating and games” in as few letters as you possibly can, and we also nailed it with XO. We actually had a various title we utilized for about 10 months before stumbling on XO. you can find plenty availability that is variables—trademarkthe logic around what you could get is astonishing), social/domain accessibility, term associations individuals make (we went a couple of surveys), astonishing alternate meanings you’ll find on UrbanDictionary. One title we liked in the beginning was Wink, many individuals connected it with an adult guy winking at a woman that is young and then we decided the creepiness element ended up beingn’t well well worth it, despite the fact that many people liked the title.

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